Friday, October 19, 2018

My Recount

Today 15/10/18 in Rimu we have been doing recounts and today we have created one based on a video that we have watched I will be very grateful if you could leave feedback on how you think I did. Thank You - Maddie.

This is the video I wrote a recount is but we had to make up how it ends.

it was a sunny happy Saturday Morning and...
 Dad had to go to work, again! and, guess what
 I had to stay at my granddad's he is the most
t boring person ever with a boring house boring
car and even a boring lawnmower I know that sounds
(weird but believe me he does.)
I slowly look up once we get to his Boring house he
towers over me he picks me up then puts me down
on a box and then does the law but suddenly I saw a
box with photos written on the top of the box in sharpie
with bold bright booming letter staring at me. there was a
bright red wagon surrounded with pictures of what looked
like grandad and my dad, dad looked happy and he was sitting
in the wagon. I tried looking at a picture and by accident hit out a
helmet that looked like the one that my dad was wearing in the
photo it seemed to roll outwear my grandad was mowing the lawns
and he  stumbled over to where I was sitting he smiled so kindly and
his had started to point at the wagon so I got in the wagon and put my
helmet on that looked like a red strawberry in summer. The all of a sudden,
of we, went down the street.

I look around at the trees and grandad glares  and points
to a pitch black monkey with evil red eyes staring at us I
hear them the monkeys call in the distance all of a sudden
we are being chased  by what looked like hundreds of them
but I wouldn't know I only know how to count up to 15 there
is a pointy cliff and we continue running but there is no where
to go we slide off the cliff and.. We land with a splat and the  bright
red wagon is now a deep brown wooden boat but there are now
crocodiles snapping at us with red glowing eyes and scaly green skin like a
lizard crawling around you with pointy razor-like teeth but the boat is to fast
for them and the stop trying to eat  us up and I spin around and give my grandad
a high five but then there's is the steepest scars rocky waterfall flying at us like a rocket.

We land at the bottom of the
waterfall with a splat and  then we
were in a plane flying high in the sky
near the sun and clouds, we were
having an amazing time  not a care
in the world the plane flying higher
and higher like a ships sail then we
started to run out of fuel  the beeping
of the fuel light making a noise like a bomb we have to jump on
three one...two...three.. JUMP! We were
falling and falling, Minutes later a parachute
opens from our backpacks the shape and color
like a peppermint we keep failing the I see a park
me and grandad exchange looks and head down that way finally we land safely in the park.

We are drinking some water and we start
to hear strange sounds like a piglet at a farm it
was the aliens, there skin like slime and there
eyes like black holes about to swallow us there grins
cheeky and sly.  They start to shoot lasers like a
red-hot fire at us, grandad driving the rocket and
I'm shooting them with my mini laser gun the aliens
get faster and faster then finally We defeat all of the
aliens and see dads car DAD! I scream we zoomed
over there and we were so happy to see him, I gave
grandpa a huge hug and got into my car seat and started to fall asleep.

In the morning I wake up feeling refreshed
and happy the sun was shining and I smelt the
smell of pancakes in the kitchen, what could be'
better but I kept missing grandad because he had such a cool house and car and lawnmower! I couldn't wait to see him again and see what other adventures we would have.

What I found challenging was that it was hard to always use disriptive words I I am proud of how I did with base this on the video.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Rimu Novel Study

This week we started Novel Study and I was super excited because it is one of my favorite subjects my book is enemy at the gait which is a book based in New Zealand and the author had to da lot of research about what New Zealand was like in the 1930s, I have found this book very intersting and I am exsited to read more. I am at chapter 5 and I started on morday there are 27 chaptrs so there is a lot to go. We have to do activities about the book as we go before we read and after we are finshed. these are some of mine.

First, this is my about the author slide.

   This is my favorite activity so far I am up to chapter 5 but I haven't written about that yet I am doing a circle every chapter.

Finally, this is one of my new words that I have found in the book while I was reading and what I think it means and what it really means
This is the last part of this blog. What is your favorite activity that I have done so far? Have you ever read this book? Please leave feedback on how you think I did with my activities and how I can improve them Thank You!! Maddison From YMS.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

All About The Eye

Kia Ora This is what I and my friend Mia did about the eye. I did the one on the left Mia on the right.
we had to explain everything about the eye and how the eye works. the year 5 & 6 have learned a lot about the eye and how we see light and colors I made this on google slides and drawings how would you make this? Goodbye and please give me some feedback on how we did Thank you.

Wearable Art

Kia ora bloggers Thank you for commenting on my blog and reading this post. the year 5 & 6 group from my class ( Rimu ) have been working on wearable arts and soon we are going to be making them a sharing them to our students ar our school.

these are some of my favorite pieces of wearable art.
Image result for wearable artImage result for wearable art

This all of the things wearable arts involve with the subjects in school like art and history.

This was made on a new learning tool called which I found really cool to learn and use.
this is as far as we have gotten until next Tuesday. Goodbye.
please leave feedback on how you think the map looks and be sure to have a go it was super fun and easy and fast.

Friday, September 21, 2018

My Narrative

 Kia Ora Bloggers!
This is my  Narrative that I have made. I really enjoyed this and I will enjoy reading your comments and please give me some feedback. What do you think I could do better? What was your favorite part?  How else could I present my work?

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

My StoryBird

on Thursday last week I and a few others in class went to the student summit, My favorite thing to do there was story bird and I decided to share it with you, The thing that I found difficult was learning how to do scratch the game maker.

Please tell me what you think of my Storybird and what I could write about next.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Ending Of The Ice Palace

 Kia Ora Bloggers!

In Rimu we have been  reading the Ice Palace and we finally got to the end, It was a very twisted ending and I would really recommend the book. Everyone sat down and listened to the book, then we had to write our own paragraph about what you think is going to happen.

This is the sentence starter: Ivan Clapped a hand to his mouth stifling a cry he was looking at.

This is my paragraph to end the story.

Ivan Clapped a hand to his mouth stifling a cry he was
looking at ….. Something colder than winter, colder than Ivans
land, something colder than Starjiks heat. Horrified a thousand lifeless
eyes glaring at him almost like they were begging Ivan to help, to help
them get away from the child taker. Tears sprang to his eyes like winter
to spring running down his cold red cheeks, Suddenly a frail boney stiff hand
latched onto his pocket yanking his diamond tears from his pocket that the
old women gave to him on his way  Ivan was confused as Starjik glared into his
hand with his eyes bulging from his head, Ivan started to feel sick , his head
spinning and stomach-turning ” NOOOOOO “ his tears gone the only hope left to
save his brother but worried on what Starjik would do next he slowly
backed away but as fast as light itself Starjik held his hand tightly and
pulled it into him  he made a fist and shoved Ivan onto the ground, as cold
as the crisp air tears sprung into his eyes sliding down his cheek and falling
to the ground, the rough ground tearing at his flesh and ripping it away, but Ivan
needs his brother to be safe needs him to stay alive and needs him to be free,
free from this nightmare.

Ivan starts to lose hope, he cannot save his brother no matter how
hard he will try no matter what. Terrified and hopeless Ivan starts to
cry knowing that he won't see him again never ever again we'll never
see him free. The swift tears swivel down his cheek and make a clink
on the ground. But that sound that one clink gave Ivan all of his hope back
he has tears the tears that will save his brother, he slashes the ground  
pulling them into his hand he pulled himself up and throws the tears onto
him burning him into his face, the fire raging and Ivan racing to find
something to let his brother free.

Finally he finds a box of matches it was so tiny  but that tiny box can
save thousands of children's lives he opened it slowly  making sure not drop to them
, but there was only one how could one match free that many lives from the cage of
coldness, Ivan breathed in an icy breath and lit the match the flame
spoke almost if it was saying freedom, he through it at the huge ice cage
it spun in the air like a million fireflies and landed on his brother.

Stumbling he goes to get a cup and pours the water
once on him when he was breathing again he yanked him
from the cage and hugged him with all his might and whispered
in his ear come on we need to save the others all of the others,
 they ran to the village the snow slowing down not able to keep up
with them, the run faster and faster like lightning to get to the village
, they needed to find help they sprint and sprint around trying to find
someone anyone the run back with the others but Starjik wasn't there but they
knew he would come back but now all the wanted to do was sleep they could finally sleep.

Please comment on what you want me to improve on.
What was your Favourite part?
What do you think I could be better at?
What are your favourite type's of story to write?

Good Bye, and I hope you enjoyed my blog post, tangi pai!
- Maddison from YMS.