Friday, July 6, 2018

My Reflection For Term 2

What Worked Well For Me: This term I think that I did really
well in my writing, we did Newspaper reports and I think I did a
really good job on it, one of my reports was the world's biggest potato.
I also did maths whizz every day this past few weeks not the whole term
though. I also finished all of my work all of this term and have gotten all
of my reward time, sometimes I had to do it at home to get it up to the best
standard but I still worked on it a lot at school, and I like doing homework
. I also think that I have done well in my maths I have learned all the angles
and how to do line angles.

What am I proud of: I am proud of my digi awards, Because
the last few years of digi awards me and Abby haven't done the
best job and always tried to have more but this year we spent a
long time just working on a few and all of them are really good standard
, in my opinion, I also think that I have learnt a lot of computer tricks like
ctrl x, ctrl m,  ctrl d. I think that is why I have done a better job on Digi awards this year
than last Year. Link To My Digi awards

How Have I shown my YMS hero Qualities: I think I showed my YMS
hero qualities when I do all of my work and know exactly what to do
when and where, and I am always in the right place in the right time but
I do sometimes listen to music. I also think that I can manage myself when I
know what to do.

What hasn't gone well for me: I think that I have done everything
really well but there is always room for improvement, I think I need to
work harder on my Tuhi Mai Tuhi Tu, I still think that I do, do a good job but
I think I can improve them a bit more and use more thoughtful in the positive,
thoughtful helpful. I also think that I do, do stander comments but not the best standard that I can do.

What has challenged me: I have been challenged with
my blog post I have been doing not the best blog post but I think that
I am getting better and now I am writing at least a
the paragraph, as well as teaching and the work, is self, I have worked through t
he challenges by asking for help and learning a bit more
about what a good blog post needs. I have also been challenged
by my maths like how to do angles and volume. I have worked through that
challenged by doing it at home and getting my dad to explain it to me and how to do it,
I have also watched some videos but I find it easier for someone to show me how to do it the telling me.

What am I going to work on next term: I am going to work
on keeping my drive clean, so then it will be easier to find everything
and it will make it look nice and it will be helpful if I need to find something in a hurry.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

What Angle Is Which

Hello in Rimu we have been learning about measurement and geometry, This is one of the photos that we used to tell what angle is wich and I am going to be showing you how to tell what angle is wich.

acutes are less than 90 degrees.
A, G, I, and M are acute.

Reflex is more than 180 degrees and less than 360 degrees.
F, N, and O are reflexes.

obtuse's are less than 180 and more than 90 degrees.
B, J, and L are obtuse.

Straight angle.
a straight angle is 180 degrees.
H is a straight angle.

Right angle.
A right angle is an angle of 90 degrees.
C, D, and K are right angles.

Revolution is an angle of 360 degrees.
E is a revolution.

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About Tsunamis

This is my Tsunamis slide.
In Rimu we have all been reading about nature so Rainbows, Mirages etc.
In my group we have been learning about tsunamis and what causes them, so we have been doing activities to help us learn more about them I found this very interesting and fun to learn about.
Please give me some feedback and tell me what you thought about the slide.

Some facts about tsunamis.
some tsunamis can be up to 100ft! 
Most tsunamis are silent. 
Earthquakes and landslides are what cause's most tsunamis. 

My Poetry.

This is my poetry anthology. In Rimu class we have been working on different types of poetry and put it on a slide, Then we had to make it our own and make it look nice and eye-catching. Please give me some feedback on what I can improve on, Like my poems or how it looks. Try some of these poems they were really fun to make and learn about as well. Thank you.    -Maddison

Did you know that the first poet is

Friday, June 29, 2018

My Newspaper Report

The past few weeks in Rimu we have been learning about newspaper reports, we are all going to turn our newspaper reports into a real newspaper and we are going to read them in silent reading. silent reading is when we all bring a book from home, from the library or class bookshelf the class spends 20 minutes reading their books, this time happens after lunch.
My newspaper report is called " school of couch potatoes have a new member ".
Can you please give me some feedback like how it looks and if it connects or not, and if it is in the third person, Thank You.


Maddies News
School Of Couch Potatoes Have A New Member

On Wednesday 8th of January a giant potato
was found at Yaldhurst Model School.
This was very unexpected and none of the
students nor teachers had any idea of what happened.
The school said that it was a very panic situation and was very
scary because many
of are students were outside at the at the time
.they also said that “ this memory will stick to us forever “.
Some of the student that saw the incident
happen were Maddison Leslie, Mia Yee,
Abby Steele, Nikita Kalanins.

The potato was 28 ft long and 12ft wide
and it was three times the size of the students some four.
On the day of when it happens we had
talked to some of the students, Maddison
Leslie said “I was the biggest thing she
had seen and was like she had been imagining it ".
Nikita kalnins said that she was outside at the
time filming a video for the school and that she
dropped the ipad that she was filming with and
ran she said that “ it would that the biggest oven to
bake this big potato “. Abby Steele  watches from
the classroom she screamed because she knew
that some of her friends were outside and she
immediately and then ran to the lowest point in
the school just to be sure she wouldn't get hurt “
it was like a dream it all happened so fast “.

Worlds Biggest Potato

Some of the teachers told the kids to
evacuate others burst out laughing,
Angla Taylor said that she wanted to
keep the kids in her class safe and she
told them all to follow Abby Steele, Mr.
Robistion  ( who is also the principle )
and Mr. Mathews burst out laughing for about
two or three minutes.
Mr robistion soon after went to help the students
in his school and making sure no one was hurt at the time.

Mr Robstion and all of the other teachers there agre

ed that soon a carrot then a tomato then some lettuce will fallon and the will work together to make a giant
stuff fry and end world hunger but that is a story for another day.

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Adams Wach Math Problem

In my maths groupe we have been doing some different types of maths this is a picture of my working out.

The question is: Adam bought a watch for 50c. Unfortunately it gains 30 minutes each day! If Adam stets his watch at noon one day, how long would it take before it shows 12 o clock again?
I made a calendar and wrote the days down and the times then when it landed on 12:00 I got the answer but I want to see how you do it

you had to figure out when adams wach will go back to noon  my tip is to make a calendar with a table on google slides and try, I got thursday you should give it a go and comment what you got as your answer. I would love to hear what you got
and please give me some feedback and feedforward, and thank you for coming on my blog and reading this post, Thank you again,
- Maddison for YMS

Friday, June 1, 2018


Hello and Thank You for coming on my blog.
This week in Rimu class we have been reading Posted the book.  
We did so activities about the book. 
My favorite activity was creating the people I made mine with shapes and lines.
I found making the bodys of the people really hard. 
I had lots of fun doing this and thank you again for coming on my blog.