Friday, May 18, 2018

How To Subtract Thousands

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Friday, May 11, 2018

The PuppyCorn

The Puppycorn

The Puppycorn or the mighty puppycorn is a very rare animal.
No one knows where they can originally be found but rumors have been going around that they seem to live in  New Zealand, the way the soon to be owner can find a puppycorn is well the soon to be owner can't the puppycorn comes to the soon to be owner if the person are kind, happy, and weird. They are attracted to Weirdness, Kindness, and Happiness.
The first person to discover they puppycorn is  Maddison - Judith Leslie she is a lover of dogs and unicorns and also likes  wolfs. Maddisons puppycorn name is Uni she is seven going on eight.

The Appearance Of The Mighty Puppycorn

the puppycorn has three sparkles on its forehead two blue one pink. The eyes of a puppycorn has a very thick outline around it eye color purple or blue, if the owner dose get a puppycorn with blue eyes it means the puppycorn is much rarer than the ones with the purple eyes.
The head of a puppycorn is a light shade of white and  usually perfectly round and it has a horn on the top of its head, this horn can be any color, It will most likely be rainbow or pink.
The Mouth looks more like a puppy's mouth same with the nose, the nose has a shape of an upside down love heart the mouth always looks like the puppycorn is  smiling.
The hair of the puppycorn is the colors of the rainbow going down until just touching the body.
The body tail and legs of a puppycorn are all white the tail looks like a puppy's tail and wags like a puppy to. But if you get your puppycorn to excited the tail can fall of but don't worry it will grow back in one to two weeks.The puppy corns legs are just like dogs legs there's four but the don't walk they frolic.

The puppy corns diet is pretty simple, the puppycorn will only eat sweet and salty food the puppycorn will not eat meats vegetables or any fruits. Its favorites are pretzels and chocolate ice cream.
The puppycorn drinks milk mostly flavored milk the puppy corns favorite flavor is banana and caramel.
It gets this food either by it owner or if its wild it uses it horn it does this buy bowing its head the the horn lights up like an led light then the food aperes.

The hadith of the puppycorn are that it loves to roll around in ice cream and makes a huge mess and it doesnt like it when people touch it's sparkles on the to of its head if the owner dose so the puppycorn will turn red and the the only way to make it happy is to give it five pretzels or one ice cream cone with one scoop of Ice cream.

This animal can be summed up in one word majestic simply majestic.
But there is one more thing the reader has to know its that the puppycorns enemy is the kittegasus also known as the kitty pegasus. keep the puppycorn away from the kittegasus  at all times if the puppycorn does come in contact with the kittegasus  split them up emedalty.


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In Rimu class at YMS we have been learning about non chronological or non chron reports.
I have learnt that chronological means not in time order and it is a fun way to wright. I found writhing like this very difficult at the start then I got a more of an understanding and I think I have improved a lot since when I first started.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

World War 1

World War 1
By Maddison

The world war one otherwise known as WW1 started on the 28th of july 1914 and ended on the 11th november 1918 it went on for 4 years and the countries that fought in the war are Britain, France, Russia, italy, and the United States. These countries fought against the Central Powers which included Germany, Austria- Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.

The fighting of the war took place in most of the countries of Europe. The actual fighting was on many different fronts the Western Front was where most of the fighting between Germany and the allies happened.New Zealand went to war because the britain declared that there was going to be a war in 1914 New Zealand never had a choice but to follow, New Zealand was a dominion of Britain when WW1 started, and though it governed itself internally, its foreign policy was run out of london and the rest of the British Empire.

The cause of ww1 was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo on the 28th of june 1914. The war ended when Germany had formally surrendered on November 11, 1918 and all nations had agreed to stop fighting while the terms of peace were negotiated. On June 28 1919 Germany and the Allied Nations signed the Treaty of Versailles formally ending the war.
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Friday, May 4, 2018

On Star Wars Dress Up Day

on star wars dress up day I dressed up as the light side and my friend azzy aka abby was the dark side. At Maths time instead of doing the gropes we made figures from star wars it was super fun here are some photos.

this was my star wars figure I named him fail. 

I am the one in the white and my friend is in the black.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

My Friends

My best friends names are Nikita, Abby, Mia, Jedi and my dog Rosie.

 The first on the rigth is Mia the second on the rigth is Nikita The third is me and the first on the left is Abby.

this is Nikita Mia and I .

 This one is of my dog Rosie .

 this is of Jedi Nikita and I 

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Friday, April 13, 2018

My Long Write

of fridays in rimu class we do a long write this is my favorite one I hope you enjoy

Once there was a girl could Samantha and this is the tragic creepy story about what happened to her. And this is how it began

Samanta was driving In a car with her best friends Rose and Cristal
They were going to a cabin of Samantas Mums in the middle of nowhere and there is a village near by Samantha gos there almost every weekend and this time she went with her friends

Samantha said Cristal where are we going to the cabin sa
What cabben said Rose it my mums we go here all the time look there it is
Come on let's grab are stuff they got out of the car and opened the boot of the car and grabbed her stuff and yanked it out they ran there and pulled as hard as they can to get the doors open around this time it would be six seven o'clock it was super late but they there their stuff into a little room and closed the door and went outside Samantha's mum not to far behind.
They got a blanket and huddled up  Cristal said Rose do you know a true scary stories umm said Cristal well yes it happens to a friend of a friend of mine well she went to babysit and her nabiros house and was waching tv on the couch in the dark alone the kids were all up satir there was a five year old boy and three year old girl then the telephone rang she heard deep breathing then it said have you checked on the children Ugh come on said Rose we have all heard  that one does anyone have a ture scary story yes I do said Samitha, it happened her in this very nabour hod and it ture Ok said Cristal sart ok said Samtha It all started with a girl she lived with her parents in house down the road and she meet a farm boy the fall in love the girls family said he wasn't good enough and didn't approve but that didn't stop them they built a cabin near a forest of the girls family's land near a forest after a while they settled down and had a child it was a boy and a few years later they had a girl this is where the stories starts to go bad. They lived there for a few years then the girl starts to go a bit sick not physically but mentally like sick in the head if you know what I mean like hiding in the forest and not coming back for days and screaming and tantrums and stuff like  that after a while the peasant and the brother got sick of it so they reached out to there family and asked for help they ended up putting her into an asylum they lived peacefully for a couple more years and they acted like they never had a daughter at all but then one day on the news it said that she broke out of the asylum and was hiding in the woods a few weeks passed and the family started to get worried and then one night a 3:33 in the morning she stabbed everyone of them and with blood still dripping from the axe legend has it the girl still wanders the woods looking for her next victim and if you go to the cabin a 3 :33 you can still hear the screams of the family we can go there tomorrow said Samantha yeah but in the morning said Rose people say if you hang a doll on your door the girl would pass the house and go to they other one the hole naborhod has one da da do you said Rose yes we do Said Samantha mum  says she doesn't believe in it but we do just in case we can still go to then they all went to bed and huddled together praying to not be scared they were all thinking that some masked monster would drag them into the woods but soon later the fall into an uneasy sleep.

The Next Day

The Girls ate some breakfast and went out they went to the village and got some lollies and then got some FIZZY POP  And went to lake Samthaan and went for a swim.
Finally The went to the cabin and looked around they were a little creeped out  they keeped looking in all the rooms Crystal said “ umm I think this was the girls room “ they looked around and Samantha saw something out of the corner of her eye it was a book it was hard covered in dirt and looked very musty and old Samantha puickexd it up and flicked thur the old firm pages she stopped on one and started to read It said 1832 My family mum and dad and brother put me in this place deep in the woods with people like me I HATE it here.
Samantha it must be the girl's diary sad Rose keep reading said Crysta Samantha nodded her head and flicked to the next page and it read 1839 I still don't like it here I want to leave this place and go home and give my family what they deserve I will talk to you soon Samantha turned the page and took a deep breath and sied and keeped reading  1845 I broke out of the place there looking for me but there not going to find me I'm in the woods and sometimes I go into my house and watch mum dad and brother sleeping I'm going to make my move soon slowly Samantha looked up at her friends and looked at their weird faces and looked back down and keeped reading 1847 I have given my family what they needed Forever sleep there mad but they will understand why soon because forever sleep is best we will always be together but I can't go in forever sleep yet because I need to put people in forever sleep well see you soon Samantha starts to shake and drops the book Crystals offers to read she didn't really want to but she saw her friend needed help but Samtha shocke her head and picked up the book inside Crystal was screaming YES but she didn't show it Samantha continued 1853 I meet a boy I take him to the cabin and show him my family he likes it 1999 we have settled down and had a child 1873 I haven't been writing much I have been taking my daughter to school I love her 2005 My daughter has been growing up alot and I have named her after my favrot lake lake Samantha Samantha looked like she was going to cry and keeped reading it said 2012 I walk around the village now I hear people telling my story sometimes it make me laugh inside my daughter has lots of friends and is a lot like me but not she's smart and kind. Then the girls heard a stick snap they turned around and saw Samantha's mum with her axe with blood stains all down the base and she said you weren't supposed to find that, she slaughtered them one by one while Smantha still screaming NOOOO MUM NO HELLP HELLP she put there remands in a sack and said “ you might not understand now but you will when you older Forever  sleep is the only way we can be together forever.

The End


This week Rimu have been learning about Palindromes