Friday, July 5, 2019

Gold Mining!

Kia Ora! Welcome to/back to my blog and I am so grateful that you have read this blog post please sit back,read and of course enjoy! Who knows you may just learn something new!

Today I will again be sharing one of my storys and work from my school journal.
Just before I get into everything that I have done, enjoyed and learnt I really wanted to say something and couldn't think of a better way than by sharing it in one of my blog posts. Please if your a student say thank you to them, they have to batter with a huge classroom of children and create specific work for each child/groupe and I cant imagine how hard that would be. Thanks just thought I would add that in.

This past few weeks we have been doing a new school journal and this one is definitely my favorite one so far this is because of the storys and the work that I have produced I think that I have done my best in this. This story I will be sharing is called " Hatters Gold" and it is one of my favorite stories from the journal.

If you would like to read the story before continuing to read on and see my work that is awesome and I will link the book Here: Link to story :).

What School Journals Do For Our Learning: 
1 They help our writing skills by writing a powerful summary about the story ( without parting or giving anything away) #
2 They help us understand the text.
3 They create specific activities for us to do for each story.
4 They practically double our vocabulary by us finding 5 new words from each story and finding the meanings and to prove we understand it we would also have to write a good sentence involving that word.

Now For My Work.
 My 5 words, sentences and their meanings.

My Summary Of The Story.

This Work Is Questions From The Story (so this may not make total sense if you haven't read the book.)

5 Facts About The Strike & Gold Rush With Biteable Video To Share Them.

Link To Biteable.

Thanks for watching and I am so grateful that you have came onto my blog and please let me know some of your feedback on this post I would love to make some of my work better and you can definitely help me with that and I will definitely read all of your amazing comments and try to reply to all.
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Kia Ora! My name is Maddison and Welcome to my blog!

Today I am sharing with you a method I have been taught this week.
I will share with you my slide on how to find fractions of amounts and I really, really hope you guys try it out and/or learn something from this blog post.
This is a different type of the many different things that you can use with fractions. It's a little bit different than chunking  with fractions.
I found this challenging when we had to watch a video of how to do this and take notes, this is because I found that the video was hard to understand in some ways. But after time I figured it out and now I can do this method easily.
So this slide is me taking the role of the teachers and you the student so as my teacher would say pay attention and remember to as question!
I hope that you all enjoy.

Thanks again for coming onto my blog and I hope you w\enjoyed and learned something from my blog post. I cant wait to read your amazing comments I will make sure to reply to them. Please send me some feedback because that will help alot with me trying to in[prove all of my work!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Home Learning

Kia Ora!
My name is Maddison and I am so glad you came into my blog!

This is about my summary on the book that I have read and my recommendations aka pros and cons.
If you could pick one author to read for ever who would it be? Mine would be Stephen King.
I am going to share with you my recommendations on why or why not you should read this book.
This book it by a well known author known as Geronimo Stilton although Geronimo is not real and these books are really written by an amazing lady named Elisabetta Dami. I think that all of her different types of series based on the same family and lots of different characters really reflect her. This book is from one of her mini series and I think that is a good book for being on the move.

My Review.
I think that this is an amazing book although it could have been a little longer but even though it is short it has amazing language to give the best pictures in the reader's head and it feels like your standing there watching what's going one. I would definitely recommend this book to early a beginner readers.


Thanks for watching this and I really hope you all continue to come onto this blog and I cant wait to see all of your amazing comments and I hope that you all send awesome feedback to help me improve my work more and more. Thanks again.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Comic Books!

Kia Ora!
Welcome Back!

This week is going to be another School Journal blog post. A few weeks ago I did a blog titled "My Cheeks Look Like Cherries" and that was a book from the school journal I had don't last week. This week we have been starting a brand new school jornal and I have decided to share my favorite story in the book so far.

This book is about a famous comic book writer.
Do you like comics? Do you have a favorite one? 
This book has the process he took to become a comic book artist and writer and  how he comes up with the ideas and the process to finalize the comic book/books.

This is my version of a summary for this book to give you a better idea on what its about.

This is about the journey hard work of creating a masterpiece.
All of the time and dedication this cartoon artist has worked for to create and
share all of his amazing work, and it all started out with a dream. This takes us
through step by spet what happens when someone goes into the lab and comes out

with a new comic book.” take your work seriously”

“ Get your work out there”.

These school journals help me with my learning in many ways, first they help my understand the text and to prove that I do I have to answer questions, write a summary and complete tasks about the book.
It also improves my Vocabulary by me finding 5 new words in the books finding out the meanings and then writing a good sentence using that word. We also have to make our slides creative and fun.

Here is my activities.

1) His Process of making a comic.
First: He works in his notebook always having new ideas until on of the books

“ Takes over” and then he focus of that one book.
Next: he panels and plans creating the panel sizes and working in speech bubbles.
After that: he works on the first draft with the panel sizes drawing and writing to make

it look like  book, he does this to make any changes,
Soon after: He makes a well thought out final inks with no color.

Finally: He colours in the picture and publishers

My Comic.
His Timeline.

Thanks for watching and looking at my blog. I hope you enjoyed some of the work that I have been working on at school and I cant wait to see and read your amazing comment and I hope you continue to come on my blog and if you guys think that there is something that I can improve on I would love to hear it so I can improve my work! Thanks!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

What's The Question?????

Kia Ora!
Welcome back to my blog and I really hope you enjoy my blog post, this is about the number 44. The number 44 is the answer to a question but they don't tell us witch but the answer does not have to be maths so after thinking for a while and discussing it with my dad we decided the question. Continue watching to find out! But another challenging thing is that once you find out the  question you need to share it in an exciting way, this I found challenging because how do you share a simple answer or question, again continue to watch to find out how I did it ( it has something to do with cake ).

If you could choses the question that the answer was 44 what would it be?

Thanks again for watching my blog post and I really hope you enjoyed, I can't wait to see and read your amazing comments I will be sure to reply, Please add in feedback because I love to try to make my work better and improve my learning skills and all of your feedback helps! What was your favorite part? What do I need to work on? Thanks and let me know these answers in the comments!

Thanks again!
-Proud student from YMS.

The Green Leaves Look Like Ripe Limes In Summer.

Kia Ora!

This weeks blog post is about.... TREES! I know a little bit different but still intriguing.
The student council took charge for our learning for a bit instead of the teachers ( I think that's pretty cool ) they talked to us about you guessed it trees, we all had to wright a few poems about a tree that we had taken a photo of, once we took the photos of them we had to types of poems we had to right a haiku or 3 sentence poems, we all did so and the result was amazing.

The student council chose this activity because of what they had learnt and because we were donated 150 trees to the school, we all planted about 2 each we were paired with a younger child to create a bond whilst planting trees in the school.

My favorite part was probably the fact that we all did it with younger children and got to speak with them which we don't usually do.

I wrote two poems this was my favorite....

"The winter weather wacks the trees.
Pressuring the sun colored leaves
To fall down to the cold hard ground,"

This was the tree I based my poem of.....

Thanks to you all for coming onto my blog and reading my blog post about trees and I hope you all appreciate the beauty of trees as much as we do at YMS and I can't wait to see the progress of the trees as they grow big and tall. Thanks again for coming onto my blog!!!
Have a fun pact day!

Friday, June 21, 2019

My Cheeks Look Like Cherries

Kia Ora! Welcome back to my  learning blog!

This week I will be sharing one of my stories from my old school journal we have stated a new one this week.
This story or poem is called Embarrassment Expert, it is about how to control your embarrassment using metaphors such as saying your a tree. ( weird but it sounds amazing )
First I had to write a summary of the story and 5 new word,meaning and write sentences using the new worlds. Then I had to answer the questions and make a piece of artwork to do with the story.
My favorite part was when they all use different powerful words and things like personification and metaphors to give the best description
We have these activities to match our reading and writing goals to see if we can be creative and understand all of text.
What is my goal? For writing I need to use more emotive and wonderful words, I think that this has helped me improve this by making make more powerful sentences because when I look at my old sentences and my sentences now there is a huge difference and this is one of the things that has helped me in that.
Reading goals: Identify the writers language for effect. To put that in human it means I need to find out how the writer uses language to make their writing better. I think this has helped me in that way with reading all of the text and writing a summary to make sure that I understand everything.
Please enjoy!

"Everybody Hates Humiliation But Karaoke Still Exists"

I hope you all enjoyed and I really hope to read all of your amazing comments leave some feedback for me to work on and what is a new word that you have learnt? 
Have a SUPER day!
-Blogger out!