Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Digi Award;)

we had to do a vid we fiust did a photo of all of us we had to some stouf by aresalf

sence we needin

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

my maprty

in the holldays abby came over to my house for a sleep over it was they day befor my party me and Abby .polled a prak on my mum we thoutk for a wille befor we wen t to sleep we made a vido then. ... we went ice sackinting with mika coutny cj mum and dad brad kane and unckel and of cose me and Abby it was mikas fiurst time sckating on ice we halpt her mika got me a box of candy and a cool card Abby got  me a gagel bubbel seat and a amazing card it was the same ice satingring  as the school gos to and the masic was the best