Thursday, April 13, 2017

my easter hat

                                                                           This is my easter hat  I made it out of a barbie dog foam stickers fluff tinsel and ribbon

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


                                       THIS TERM

      This term Rimu class did lots of things but my favorite was camp.  My favorite thing at camp was the HEATED swimming pool it was fun and warm, And putting up our tents was fun to but… we had to have tent inspennchen waaa but my tent was fine, I got to share a tent with one of my BFF Abby yay, me and Abby loved sing the duck song 1  2 and 3 we had are teddy bears to play with my teddy bear ( Lammy) was The duck for all of them and Abby teddy bear  ( cutie ) was the man and the women. Abby and I saved are lolly pop from desert and fell asleep with it in our mouths LOL. When me and Abby went into the bathroom there was a masev bug YUCK! So we walked out. For dessert we had furt a lollipop and Ice cream .


               At sailing we got to jump in the lake and it was so warm but I found it hard to turn around so I crashed a couple of times LOL  but it was fun I still remember how to put a sail boat up YES, my legs didn't calm down until two days after .

                                      THAT WAS MY TERM  BY MADDISON