Thursday, May 30, 2019

Home Learning BOOKS!!!

Kia Ora and welcome to or back to my learning blog.
I can't wait to share with you the wonders of the amazing books I have been reading in the last few weeks and I hope if you haven't read them already then you will check them out because I do see them as an amazing go to book and I have read each of them at least 2 times.

I have decided to use Canva to share about the books I have been reading instead of  normal google slides I hope you enjoy it.


Please give me feedback on what you thought about it and how I could improve on it next time. I can't wait to see all of you comments.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Clauses, Embedded Clauses ( not Santa Clause )

Kia ora and welcome back to but school learning blog. Welcome back or if your new let me fill you in this is my fantastic school learning blog which I used to share some of the amazing work I have produced and a very proud of. Everyone in my class has one ( a learning blog ) and we are trying to work on giving the best possible blog posts, that's why in Rimu we would love for you to read positive, thoughtful and helpful comments. Thanks.

Today we were separated into our writing groups and had to complete all of the tasks the hard working teachers had given us for writing. Then we all got hard at work. First in my groupe we started on the workbook our teachers ,which are Mrs Spragg and Mrs Taylor, gave us.Then took our time to complete all of the activities to the best of our ability. Soon after we needed to share and create a DLO ( Digital Learning Object  ) to share what we had learnt about our topic mine was  Embedded Clauses if you don't know what that is watch my slide to find out, if you do know what that is still please watch my google slide ( DLO). Thanks!

I hope you all now know how to write with Embedded Clauses and what an Embedded Clause is I hope my slide was easy to uses and was helpful for you guys watching and please continue coming back onto my blog and sharing your ideas and learning from my ideas or my work. I can't wait to read all of you famouslos Positive Thoughtful and Helpful comments talk to you again soon.

- Maddie

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Home Learning Adulting

I hope you enjoy this way of presenting my home learning on a digital drawing instead of a slide, I hope that you were able to read the words ok and if there is anything I can do to create my work in a better way then please let me know in a positive, thoughtful, helpful comment!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Fish Show?!?!?!

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Hi, as you know my name is Maddie and im am super grateful that you have come onto my blog and I would be extremely happy if you could leave a comment.

We have been working on inventions that have changed the world ( I have shared some of the work on my blog before)  and this is one of the task we had to do/create. This task was to create some type of object that you were like a shoe or hat that could/can carry a type of animal. Before creating this we had to take a good look at some other inventions that other people looked like and shared are thoughts about it. ( The invention we looked at  was a vest with tubes for small rodents)

So my first thought was a fish shoe ( that gives you a small idea of what goes on in my head ) I think this idea came from the fact that I am going to have to put whatever the picture is in my head down on my computer so I decided to do something easier. I also decided to google it to see what other people think/have made with the idea of a fish shoe.

Image result for fish shoe
This is one of the images that came up when I googled fish shoe.
I noticed how all of the boot type shoes only had the clear glass on the heel part witch got me thinking how the would come out smoothly and safely.

        This is my first attempt at creating my invention.
The label are a little hard to read so this is what they say.

( The arrow pointing to the bottom of shoe ) " This is the clear, thick, strong, plastic.
( The one pointing to the shoe laces )  Strong, thin, rope for shoe laces ( color black )
( The one pointing to the blue base of the shoe ) Firm, comforter, padded leather.
( The one pointing to the heal aka the fish) THE FISH!

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you continue to stop by my blog for more amazing post about my recent learning. I can't wait to read all of you comments and I hope you continue to Learn, Create and Share.
Blogger Out!

- Maddie.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Your Me! Or Wait Am I You!

Kia Ora and welcome to my blog.

I have just tried to create a biteable for home learning. it took a while to figure out how to make it and what all ofthe things do. Have you used biteable before? Once you get used to all of the options it gets really easy. I think that if you haven't tried to use biteable before you should definitely try it out because it was super easy and fun to createll. This is my first biteable that I have made so it might not be perfect so please tell me if I can improve on any area in my blog, Thanks.

Your Me or Wait Am I You!! on Biteable.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Pink Blue Or Purple.

Kia Ora Fellow Bloggers!
I really hope that things have been going well and I hope that you continue to come onto my blog. I am super grateful that you have come onto my blog and I can't wait to see all of your positive thoughtful and helpful comments.

In my writing groupe we have been learning about description focusing on similes and metaphors.

Here's a cheesy song. CHEESY SONG  incase you want to know more about them. ( my teacher loves cheesy songs. )

Okay so we all have a workbook and we need to complete the activities on it this is the first one and this is the one that I want to share with you. So first we needed to decide witch out of the tree were better and why and what key things dose it have and we all wrote that down.

Sample 1My bedroom is at the end of the hallway. When you walk into my room it is a big open space with cream/white coloured walls. I have a window seat looking out onto the street where I love to sit and read. It’s decorated with pillows and a big blanket. I have a queen size bed also decorated with pillows and blankets. My bedroom has a desk to do homework, a dresser for my clothes, a bookshelf and a nightstand beside my bed. Aside from the furniture in my room, I have two comfy areas where I just relax.

My Thoughts about the blue.

I think that it is a little bit boring but it still very factual and gets state to the point .I think that it could use some different sentence starters.It uses placement in the writing to describe where it is and sometimes the colours.

Sample 2
My bedroom is a four-walled space, painted blue/turquoise on the bottom and grey on the top with a white trim in the middle dividing the two colours. In one of the corners of my room is my queen size bed with grey sheets and a white comforter that has dots of blue/turquoise and coral on it. Right in front of my bed is a white dresser with a TV on it . In the corner diagonal from my bed is a grey chair. On the wall to the right of the chair is my closet, then my mirror is in the last corner. Beside the mirror is a white door with a silver handle. The last thing in my room is a small dresser beside my bed.

My thoughts about purple.

I think that the purple has some description with the colours and still uses those placements. I think that they have used many different things in their writing but is still very factual but is still a little vague and some boring.It also uses description on how things looks. I also think that it gives you a picture like all of them do but not a very one of a kind picture.

Sample 3
My bedroom is a safety net with swirling colours hugging the walls. In one of the corners of my room my queen size bed sits, waiting for the weight of my body at the end of the day. Right in front of my bed is a delicate white dresser that holds all my secrets. Diagonal from the bed standing to attention is my chair.On the wall to the right of the chair is the object that stares back at me looking for my successes and my failures.Beside it is a curved, small, snow coloured door with a sparkling silver handle. This is my sanctuary. This is my haven. This is my safe place.

My thoughts about pink

I think that the pink has used many things and lots of descriptions such as ISPACE. Sets Of Threes. Alliteration. It has used many different things with their words to describe how things looks to give a better picture in you head.

Overall Thoughts.
Overall I think that the pink is the best because of the picture you get in your head the similes,metaphor,personification to give you the best dealt.

Thanks for coming onto my blog and I hope that you enjoyed this I wish you all the best day and please leave a positive thoughtful and helpful comment so I can learn, grow and improve my blogs. Thanks!

Friday, May 3, 2019

Inventions Changed The World

Kia Ora!
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Welcome Back!

This week we have been starting of Inventions that have clanged the world.

First we had to create an amazing title page!
In class we all had a discussion on what we think invention means. We had to justify what it is and why we think that and write it onto our slide.

Next we had to pick a year out of 1970s or 1980s. I picked 1970s. Later on we had to go onto the Inventors hall of fame it's just like the sports hall of fame or the music hall of fame etc. Eventually we had to search on the site 1970s or 1980s and find some of the inventors and what they did but the inventor you chose have to be inventions that you think changed the world. You have to put them in a table and fill out the questions here are the pictures and the link to the site.
Link To Inventor Hall Of Fame.

 Title Page 
 What I Think It Means
 First inventions ( 1970s ) 
Second Inventions ( 2000 - 2019 ) 

Thanks for coming into my blog and I can't wait to read all of you comments What was your Favorite Invention? Why?

The Remembrance Of ANZAC

Kia Ora!
Welcome back to my blog!
In My class we have been learning a lot about anzac day. we all had a google drawing and had to complete the work give. First we had to pick 5 facts to write about and present the in a DLO ( Digital Learning Object ) which I have shared alot of on my blog before. I decided to make mine a little cartoonish and sharing the facts as well throughout those. Soon after that we had to make a super mini inquiry about one of those facts. Both of those ( the DLO and mini inquiry ) are on the same slide.

I really d hope you continue to come onto my blog and I hope you blogger continue to share. If there is anything I can improve on please leave a Positive, Thoughtful, Helpful comment down below and I will be sure to try to fix it or improve on it next time! .

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Home Learning Best Age!

How To Make A Comment To Help People Improve

Kia Ora Bloggers!
As you know we have all just come back from a two week Holiday and I hope that this blog is still as good as I would hope. This isn't my first blog back the first was my home work for this week but im going to count this one as more of the first blog. I really do hope all of you guys had an amazing Holiday and I hope you still learned something new share it with  me in the comments for an example I have been learning how to skateboard. Let Me Know!

For this post I have decided to teach you all how to give fee back in the best way to help people improve and learn new things from you learnt  what Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu is ( if you don't know what Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu is its where schools comment on other schools blogs ) you teach and you learn from people so they can grow as a student or anyone else because I think that adults can learn just as much from kids as kids can learn for adults.

We have been given a buddy to work on and help them to improve their work my buddy's name was Jorja. We learnt that you comment is basically in 3 parts what they did well and you have to be specific in what they did well and where they can improve on also being specific on what and where they can improve on.

This was mine.
Amazing Work Jorja.

I really enjoy how you added all of the events, you also added then in with paragraphs and explained how you felt. I hoped you enjoyed all of those salt and Vinegar chips! ( those are my favorites )

Your writing is amazing already but there is always room for improvement and really using all of your skills in your writing.

First I would love for you to added in time connectives you have used them in your story but very rarely I think that you could improve the ones there or add in new ones. Time connectives are words you use to start of you sentences like Ispace but for time so words like First, Afterwards,When so on so on. You did add some in the First and Last Paragraph.

I also think that you are an amazing writer most of the time but I think that you could do alot better if you summed up the event. To do this is very simple when you get used to it, the way I do it it to think of all of the best words to describe the event and try to put it in a sentence in its own small paragraph at the end.

I think that you could use more words to describe how people feel so you words of emotion such as, " he was Frustrated " such and such.

First to learn how to give better feed back e waked a video called Austin's Butterfly.

I really hoped you enjoyed this and please leave me some feedback on my comment and what you think about the Austin's butterfly video Thanks!