Friday, December 7, 2018

Help The Animals

Kia ora bloggers! this is a little slide that me and my friend Abby have name, before I get into detail I want to thank you all for coming onto my blog. This is about a few tips to help you help the animals. I really hope you use some of these tips in your everyday life just to make some likkle changes for the better Thank you so much.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

My Speech

This is presenting my speech in front of the year 5 and 6s, It was really scary doing it but it was worth it, in the end, was very pleased and I got into the finals and got 2nd for the 4 that got into the finals and I was very pleased and I enjoyed writing it.

My speech was on how the Titanic sank this is my written copy for you to read.

Good morning/ Afternoon, I am Maddison, most of us know what the Titanic is, right? Well if you don't know, it was a huge Ship that sadly sunk on its first journey because of an iceberg, well that’s what we all thought. scientists have released new information about what really happened. I don't think the Titanic sunk because of an iceberg if the Titanic had everything it said it had like if it was 882.9ft long then it couldn't have sunk because of 1 iceberg.

The  R.M.S. Titanic went on its first journey on the 10th of April and it was sadly its last and when the ship sank it not only destroyed thousands and thousands of dollars in property and contents but sent thousands to their cold watery grave. On April 15th, 1912 it sank, the R.M.S. Titanic weighed 46,328 ton it seemed unstoppable, indestructible, it was a perfect ship, if the Titanic had what it said it had, how could one Iceberg make that much damage? Well, that one iceberg isn't the cause it was fire.

This is a photo  of the Titanic just before it went to sea on its first and last voyage, if you look closely you can see on the side of the ship that there is a long cylinder shape that is deep, powerful, and  black, commonly known as a burn mark, meaning that the fire weakened the metal causing it to sink when the iceberg hit.

It’s very unlikely that the iceberg hit exactly where the metal rusted that's one of the incredible links in the story of the Titanic. The fire must have been burning for 3 weeks at  very high temperature before someone noticed it, Experts are sure that such conditions could have easily damaged the metal reducing the strength by 5 percent, that's why the iceberg had no problem tearing a hole through the ship, if not for the fire it would have been impossible.   

The Caption of the Titanic should be responsible for all deaths on the Ship that night, why? Because he ( Edward. J Smith ) got the warning about multiple icebergs in the water but he chose to ignore the warnings putting 3,547 lives at state. The Titanic was carrying 20,000 bottles of beer and 8,000 cigars yet there were no binoculars, why is this fact important? because with them they could have saved the Titanic an seen the iceberg coming.

I hope you now know what really happened to the Titanic and whose fault it was that thousands of people died. the story of what really happened to the Titanic still remains a mystery, thank you for listening to my speech and I hope that you now see the Titanic differently, thank you again.

By Maddison.

Summer Learning Journey Prep Activity

Kia Ora Bloggers! this is my prep for the summer learning journey.
This is the instructions that I have to follow please have a read and maybe you could do it to.
the country I have picked is mexico I picked this because I really want to go there one day so I can try all of there yummy food. What would you do if you went to Mexico, I would go to there beaches and meet the people and try there food. I also want to go there to learn more about their culture and I want to see some of their traditions and the secener is just beautiful.

Image result for Mexico beach

The answers to the questions.
sorce ( google )
1) the name of the capital city is wellington
2) the population of the capital city is 207,900
3) In january the weather is usually warm.
4) the capital city is located in the southern part of the country.
5) the common language is english.

I realised that I did the capital city wrong and was supposed to do it about mexico but I realised that to late. so I did it on NZs

Image result for Wellington

Fun fact

Lord of the rings was filmed in NZ

Peter Jackson’s jet is now parked in  Wellington airport. 

The reason I want to go to mexico is to learn their language and try their amazing food and meet the people I think that I would like it there because of all of the buildings and the cool attractions. 

This the next part of the activity please read and watch the slide.

Next I have to make my list to pack.
Please if you leave a comment answer this, if you were going to mexico what would you pack.

1) Togs 
2)  5 T Shirts 
3) 6 Leggings .
4) Towles
5) Goggles
6) Shoes 
7) Tooth brush
8) Tooth paste
9) Headphones
10) Chromebook case( includes charger chrome book etc )  
11) Dog 
12) Dog collar.
13) shorts
Image result for Mexico

My blog comment.

Do you think its quality? how can I improve it?  
Kia Ora Bridget.
I'm Maddie, from your class.
I really liked the title page for the start of you blog and guess what i'm doing Mexico to, were like the only ones who are doing mexico High Five! This reminded me of when I made my slide. Maybe next time you could write a little bit more.
Kind Regards Maddie.

Bonus Activity.

In the capital city of spain there is a sport called bullfighting the bull runs at the flag and the person holding the flag tries to kill  the pull 30% of people want it to band. do you? I do because people are killing bulls for no reason,  I think maybe it is ok because it is cultural but still it's just not fair on the bull I want it to be stopped because bulls are dying for no GOOD reason.  Imagen how many millions of bulls have died. Please comment down below on your thoughts. 

Image result for bullfighting

This is where I got some of my Information from.

Thank you all for coming onto my blog and please leave a comment if you are going to do the summer learning journey please answer these questions have you ever been to mexico? are you from NZ? Good bye
from Maddie.

Pet Day

Kia Ora Bloggers!  Last post was the first part of pet day when me and Abby made a sand saucer, this is the part of the day where the pets come me and Abby mostly spent the time with each other and if you haven't seen her blog please go check it out to see her blog about pet day! I bring my dog Rosie  my friend Abby  brang her little dog Maggie. Maggie had blue stuff in her tail she was super cute. I also like that there was a sheep! it was so cute. I really liked my friends horse or should I say unicorn Carlie.

This is Abby, Amelia, Bridget, and I patting Jimmy 

This is the cute big sheppey before she got shoren. 

This is the sheppey after she got shoren. 
The shore the sheep by holding the legs with one hand a shaving the other being careful not to get to close to the skin the hot some of the legs between there own legs to get every bit of wool of.

This is me and Abby with are cute little puppys. 
This is Bridget's big unicorn and she is so cute and I hope that she is coming to pet day next year.

This years pet day was so fun and I am so excited for next year and hopefully it can compete with how much fun I had this year I hope that I can next year I can ride Bridget's pony! thank you for coming onto my blog please leave a comment down below awrening some of these questions do you have a pet day at your school? what is your favorite animal? do you have any pets? are you allergic to any animal? have you ever ridden a horse? Good Bye.