Thursday, September 22, 2016
this is the inkk for my story bird 2 it is about friendship and you can never stop loving family


fun day:we went to mount hut and went skiing it was year 4 to year 8 and this is some photos of me i am in the purple jacket there is also Mia Nikita and Abby
this is my link of my story bird it is could the  man with no name

electricity journal

hi my name is maddison and this is my electricity journal and my since
this is my skellig book number 1 it was a cool and good book and this is number 2 number 2
HI this is a link of  my 2016 speech and my topic was stop killing tigers

Saturday, September 10, 2016

"Hello this is one of the candy land shops in candy land. Candy land is a very fun place there is no sadness. Everyone is friends with everyone oh my name is Lilly and where was i that`s right you can eat everything  but i need your help."

this is candy land before and now


Can you help us if you can you need to go to the wizards house  and make a potion FYI  the wizard is making candy land a sad place and not a happy place. This is your potion 
cloth of a fly a tail of a mermaid a grass brown spider leg and the leaf of a dragon fruit now pleas go Ruth get them run before it is to late

That is the wizard and his cat all the stuff you need well be up there you need to go to the top room now go hurry

Oh know said Ruth "the wizard is coming there`s no where to hide"
 ... the wizard is coming ah
"Now  Polly said the wizard" "my name is Lilly" well Lilly Polly same thing now you need to make a pick your friend or candy land said the wizard I PICK BOTH!!!!! said Lilly 

run come on lets go get that wizard we can do it 

come on lets go