Thursday, February 28, 2019

My Timeline

Kia Ora Bloggers/Readers! Its Maddie here, :).
Today I will be sharing with you guys my time line starting from when I was born to now ( 2019).
I will be showing you some examples for timelines, such as phones and technology and different peoples timeline before I show you mine so you get the basic idea of what a timeline is.

Example. ( I found this on the internet, so all the credit for this image goes to them )

This one is about the timeline of social media, this one is color coded which helps me read it alot better, what is your favorite part about this timeline? Also what is your favorite social media out of the options on the timeline?

My timeline

What is your favorite part about my timeline? What was your favorite year? My favorite year is 2013 this is because I started school and got my little puppy dog🐶.

Thank you for coming onto my blog, I can't wait to share more with you guys soon.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My Animal - Home Learning

Hey Guys. This is apart of my home learning I hope you enjoy and please give me feedback on how you think I went and What your favorite animals are.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Hello 2019!!

Kia Ora! As you all know My name is Maddison and I'm a year 7 at YMS.

Most of the people reading this know who I am and the basic things about me but over the holiday and such things may have changed so I have decided to share this with you guys today.

I am also going to show you my learning goals for this Year/Term I think that I can reach the soon and improve on the  things shown.

My Learning Goals😃😃

This year I want to be able to do all of my maths work more confidently and try new things. I also want to be able to write faster and use more ispace. Link to find out what ispace is 

Thank you for reading my blog post, and I cant wait to go on many adventures in 2019, and sharing them all on my blog, please continue to read some of my blog post and we can go on our 2019 learning adventure together.