Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My Box

By Maddiosn - Judith

I will put in the boxImage result for alpha wolf
A roar of the largest lion in the jungle
The speed of the fastest cheetah
And the power of the alpha wolf

I will put in the box
A twig of the tallest tree
A Cheeky cheating cheetah
And the purest tigers eye stone Shining like a Famous singer  Image result for tigers eye stone

I will put in the box
A perfect banana from the guard minion
The eagles eye
And I will put the purest purple flower Image result for purest purple flower

I will put into the box
A wing of a beautiful butterfly
A whisper of the deepest darkest cave
And and the darkest secret Image result for secret
My box is fashioned with rose gold hinges from the bottom of the earth
, My box is halaoua  blue from the skies above
It has the shiniest amethyst as shiny as a unicorn's horn engraved into the lid

I will ride a wolf inside my box
I will sit on the back of the bravest wolf
With the wind flying through my face and the fur of the wolf brushing past my legs
I will ride up hills and through tunnels and to the top of the world and to the bottom of the earth.   All inside my box



Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The ocean maker

My process on making this was watching a video link we only watched some of it because we had to make ar own ending
after that w talked about what we saw what I think and feel an what were wondering about the video
Then we talked about the plane and the carter in the video
Then I made my plan
Then I had to think if it all made sense or not and to see if it drew you in
After that I wrote then I marked it on how I think I did and how my peer through I did
I would please like some feedback and feedforward about what I need to improve on in my narrative and what I did well in it thankyou hope you enjoy

Nov 7, 2017 9:22:35 AM.jpg

HI I’m  Kweeva I used to be a professional pilot me and my friend Matt stay around here there's a lot of crashed up boats and stuff like that from 5 years ago but that doesn't matter I am really tired it's hard to stay awake from looking for rain and how to make rain but still no luck until one day this is my story
. I was looking through my binoculars one day and looked at the lighthouse were Matt lives it was blinking at something I didn't know what yet so I looked where it was blinking and there was a rain cloud finally me and Matt have a chance to get  the river back again I ran over to Matt’s house and gave him a hug and then we went to bed now that there is rain and we can take a break from are studies I was so relieved.
I woke up to a loud crashing noise I got up straight away It was a plan there was someone inside I helped them out and Matt came down to we took her into my house and gave her a blanket after the shock  went away she told us her name it was alive but we could coul her live she was nice we stayed at my house for the night and she asked us what happened to this place and why all the boats were there we told her the story so liv what happened was that we got a group of people together one day and we all went sailing and there were big ships and small ships because all are friends came and there friends and there friends so there was about 400 people me and Matt were on a small boat and then we all crashed landed here because of the storm and we all got knocked out and when we woke up it all the water was gone we have some water still in the ship because there was like on their big ships 200 bottles of water and on the small ones there was about 100 so we still have a lot but kweeva where are all the other people umm we don't know we searched all the ships and everything all the ships are here but know people oh that's sad well liv we still know were are family is but if we walked there the sun will kill us because there is no water so it wouldn't work and at night there are too many wild animals so we need the rain to make the river again

kweeva I hate to tell you this but I am a scientist and that won't work I am sorry there isn't enough water once I heard that I was heart broken  I lost hope and I would die alone and lost and will never see my family ever again I ran off and sutt the door liv is there any way we make the river again well Matt maybe if we search the land to find any water at all and then get all the water you have in the bottles and if it rains it should work ok liv let's do it let's go tell kweeva (knook knook ) come in kweeva there is a way to go home so they told me the plan and I fixed one of the little boats and the did the water then we all went to bet after a long day's work and that night it rained and rained I was so happy when I woke up I got in the boat with liv and matt and packed my stuff up and we leafed.
 we were sailing for what seeamed like forever and when I saw land tears came to my eyes tears of joy I got up and Yelled WHERE HOME

we got on land and we had to say goodbye matt liv you are great friends and thank you for everything and where here and I can't wait to see are families I went to see my mum my dad and my sister I hugged them for so long and they hugged me back I was so happy I was home and liv got a plan and went to her family so that was good and I was so happy that i was back. The End