Friday, April 12, 2019


Kia Ora readers and.... Happy Easter! I am so excited for today and I can't wait to tell all of you abou it.

First this doesn't have anything to do with easter hats but it was so cool, I walked into the classroom and you could just feel the smiles a mile away. All of the teachers were sharing smiles and laughs and it was an amazing start to this wonderful day.

Now it was game time, me and my friends were all calling each other sharing ideas for the next day and we were all scared for  the news at 1 : 30 ( were finding out our student roles!) but anyway I got settled at a table and started creating.

First I made the head band part and raped stars around it, not to long after I created the top with a bow, to chickens ( their names are jeff and bobbie bo bo ) along with a nest which was REALLY! hard to stick down.

Finally it was time to do  my favorite part, adding the bunny tail and bunny head!! The bunny tail was adorable and fluffy like a cloud.

I also helped making some of my friends hats which were bond amazing and very creative!, Go check them out on their blogs, to do that go onto my class blog like you did to find mine and then click on their names ( witch are Abby, Grace and Shay ) They will appreciate it very very much!

The class is happier than every with banners and balloons scattered around, they look like the have smiles of their own. The teachers in bunny makeup, bunny ears, and tutus trying to floss ( the weird fortnite game dance thing all the gamers will know! )  and singing to the cheerful songs in the background, I really can't wait to explore with the rest of the day and a huge thank you to all of the teachers making this amazing happy day possible.


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Grip Leadership Day.

Kia Ora! Today I have something very exciting to share with all of you today!
 I was a  proud year 7 from Yaldhurst Model School to go to grip leadership.

First we all went into Mrs Spraggs car and got ready to go from school to Grip, it was half an hour but it all went so fast.
Once we were there we got to meet all of the grips team and had an amazing warm welcome, It was amazing! There were kids coming from everywhere including Hanmer Springs and New Britain.

Soon after we had the loud noise boys, they would have people who were the craziest come up onto the stage and do fun games, those games if you couldn't guess from their nicknames all had to do with screaming and shouting, AHHHHHH! They all made funny jokes and loved to sing and dance it was AMAZING!

We all had a booklet to fill in for the entire sesion, some of the activities involved going around and talking to other schools, ( I don't think that anyone really enjoyed that at first ) but soon I became more and more comfortable and began enjoying finding out what other people had idas for.

There were alot of things going on and I don't think that I can tell you about all of it but I will share my favorites, I really hope that you all get a chance to go there it was one of my favorite experiences at school and I really would love for everyone to get a chance to meet those amazing wonderful people and learn so many helpful things to share at your school


I really enjoyed the role play band it was was with a group of 3 kids a drummer, guitar player and trumpet player, the leader as to say or the person running the band was based of Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana and her dad ( I do really hope you know who those people are )

I also loved all of the loud noise boys activities, I really enjoyed how when you came back in form lunch they played a super cool song that lots of students sang to ( I know I did )

There was nothing I didn't enjoy about this but I did start to get a headache so that wasn't very fun.

Thanks for coming her onto my blog I hope I get to read all of your comments! and if there is anyone from grip leadership reading this I would love to say an amazing thank you! it was an amazing experience and I hope I get to someday meet all of your amazing groupe again!


How To Find If A Number Is Divisible By 3

Kia Ora this is what I have made on pictograph to find out if a number is divisible by 3.
I really enjoyed creating things because I love using pictograph and couldn't wait to teach some new people about this skill.
I found it difficult to understand the method at first but I slow found out and learned how to do it and now I get to teach people. 
I really hope you enjoy and I can't wait to read all of your comments, have you learned this method before?
Did you find this helpful? Let Me Know!

Did you enjoy? I hope you did! What can I improve on? 
Thanks so much for coming onto my blog and reading one of my many blog post! 
I hope i see you on my blog again!
Thanks, Maddie.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Question... Home Learning.

Kia ora and welcome to my blog! I am glad that you have chosen to read some of my post and I hope if you're new to my blog you will come back again. This is the normal good old  this and that home learning blog, but this one is about questions, I have a lot of questions that I want to ask but never can find the right time, can you agree? One of with is “ can you surg anything but your shoulders” now do you see why I can never find the right time to ask that, : ). But I think that it would be cool to ask each other these types of questions in the comments you could answer mine,  you can comment one and I could answer yours. It can be as weird as you like, over in this blog every question deserves an answer speaking of witch do you think that all questions can be answered, or not, or do you think that all questions can be answered in time just not quite yet. Let Me Know! : )

Friday, April 5, 2019

I Know You're Awake

Kia Ora Readers!
First of all I really appreciate all of you coming onto my blog and reading my post. I hope you enjoy it!

In my Writing group we are writing a free write and I was really proud of it and would love to share it with all of you. I found it challenging thought to create pictures to go along with text I have written, I had idea of what to make, I could see it in my head but it is really hard to create and put into a picture when it looks so good and to detailed in your mind.
My favourite part was getting my ideas down, I always have little ideas for stories and sometimes I don't get time to do create them. That's why I love free writing because I can create my stories that I have had ideas for.
I think that I could improve on some of the description I feel like somethings that I have so many ideas and want to get them all down but im scared im not going to have enough time so I try to rush it a little so next time I want to try and fix that problem. I also think that I made some very simple images and I want to create them better and make them more creative, I had an idea to make a child ( the main character ) under a blanket hiding and I had the idea but I couldn't find a way to put that onto  a slide in my own way aka without coping.

I derided to write a thriller, I had this idea for a while ever since I fond another thriller story and based it of that.

Here It is!

Thank you all for coming onto my blog I really hope you enjoyed it, I enjoyed making it very much and can't wait to make my next free write. What an I improve on ? Thanks!


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Circulatory System

Kia ora!
in Rimu we have been doing science for a while now and I have been enjoying it very much! This is about the Circulatory system, I had to find out 4 sub questions about this topic and share it in a creative post then we make a post sharing our info, I have not finished my poster, but I have finished my slide and would love to share it with you.

My favourite part about this was creating the slide after I have finished my note taking.
I found it tricky to find out info about the second sub question but I soon got there in the end, I really want to find out more about some of the other parts of the body and try to include those things in my soon to be finished poster.
Next time, I want to try and make something different from a slide, im thinking about making a piktochart, Have you heard of piktochart? if not its a post online that you can make, you can write into it and include many pictures. Link to piktochart

Thank you all for coming onto my blog, did you know much about the Circulatory system? what was your favourite part of my slide? and what can I improve on, I really hoped you all learned something new and I hope you enjoyed my slide. I cant wait to read all of your Positive, Thoughtful, Helpful comments!