Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My Box

By Maddiosn - Judith

I will put in the boxImage result for alpha wolf
A roar of the largest lion in the jungle
The speed of the fastest cheetah
And the power of the alpha wolf

I will put in the box
A twig of the tallest tree
A Cheeky cheating cheetah
And the purest tigers eye stone Shining like a Famous singer  Image result for tigers eye stone

I will put in the box
A perfect banana from the guard minion
The eagles eye
And I will put the purest purple flower Image result for purest purple flower

I will put into the box
A wing of a beautiful butterfly
A whisper of the deepest darkest cave
And and the darkest secret Image result for secret
My box is fashioned with rose gold hinges from the bottom of the earth
, My box is halaoua  blue from the skies above
It has the shiniest amethyst as shiny as a unicorn's horn engraved into the lid

I will ride a wolf inside my box
I will sit on the back of the bravest wolf
With the wind flying through my face and the fur of the wolf brushing past my legs
I will ride up hills and through tunnels and to the top of the world and to the bottom of the earth.   All inside my box



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