Wednesday, May 2, 2018

My Friends

My best friends names are Nikita, Abby, Mia, Jedi and my dog Rosie.

 The first on the rigth is Mia the second on the rigth is Nikita The third is me and the first on the left is Abby.

this is Nikita Mia and I .

 This one is of my dog Rosie .

 this is of Jedi Nikita and I 

THank you for reading this blog post . Thank you for going on my blog please leave  some feedback in the comments.
 Thank you again Maddie


  1. Hey there Maddie
    Its Chloe from rimu class.
    I really like your blog post. Thank you for showing who your friends are. Maybe next time say something what your friends like doing or what there hobbies are.
    Thanks Chloe
    year 7.

    1. Hi chloe! thank you so much for coming on my blog.

      thank you for your feedback I will make sure to do that next time thank you again maddison ( from your class )

  2. Hi maddie.
    This made me think about all my friends.
    Maybe next time you could re-read your work.
    How did you get the snow effect?
    From Nikoli

    1. Hello Nikolli

      thank you for going on my blog and got the snow affect from my phone then uploaded it to my computer


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