Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Ice Palace ( part 1 )

Kia Ora Bloggers! Firstly Thank you all for coming on my blog an I will very much like to read your comments but anyway, in Rimu ( My Class) at YMS we have been learning and reading Narratives at the moment we are making our own Narrative and we are getting Ideas from Robert swindles Ice Palace we have written our intro and build up and I have enjoyed it so far. We needed to make a brainstorm on what we are going to the write and the setting and describing words and this is mine. 
How it feels.

Bumpy, Hard, Soft, Cold Cracking, Crunching.     Slowly, the snow falls to the ground.
In the mountains, the winds swirl around my hair.     
I fall on Slippery skis from underneath me.     The icy water slowly leaks into my gloves and my cold icy hands
How It Smells, Wet, Cold, Icy.
Frozen, Frosty ground around me.
Astonished at the amount of snow and ice everywhere over the mountaintop.

How it tastes.
Cold wet water.
The wind as wild as an angry bull.
The sun and snow fighting for hours.             

It looks.
The field plastered with a thick layer of snow

After Rimu did that we had to make 3 sentences on the setting and what we would see we had to add it on to the starting sentence in the real book then compare ours to his the starting sentence was “Turn your face into the east wind, and if you could see forever you would see Ivan’s land. It is a land where...”

My Sentence.

  1. Where… snow twinkles onto the skins of the people and the fur of the wolves.

2. Where… the thick deep beautiful snow swallows everything around it with a thick coat of coldness.

3. Where.. The wolves meet the people and the people aren't scared of the wolves, a land where Ivan loves his people and they love him.

This a picture of the cover of the book please comment on what you think is going to happen.

I would love to see you Ideas for an icy landscampe and please give me some feed back on my sentinces.

Bye have an amazing day

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