Friday, June 22, 2018

Adams Wach Math Problem

In my maths groupe we have been doing some different types of maths this is a picture of my working out.

The question is: Adam bought a watch for 50c. Unfortunately it gains 30 minutes each day! If Adam stets his watch at noon one day, how long would it take before it shows 12 o clock again?
I made a calendar and wrote the days down and the times then when it landed on 12:00 I got the answer but I want to see how you do it

you had to figure out when adams wach will go back to noon  my tip is to make a calendar with a table on google slides and try, I got thursday you should give it a go and comment what you got as your answer. I would love to hear what you got
and please give me some feedback and feedforward, and thank you for coming on my blog and reading this post, Thank you again,
- Maddison for YMS

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