Friday, November 30, 2018

Abby And My Sand Saucer

Kai Ora Bloggers ! I'm Maddison from YMS a d I can't wait to share this with you but today is pet day! yip today the 30th of the 11th 2018. I am super happy for my little dog to come to school. I cant wait to see her and play with her for the rest of the day I decide to share with you mine and abby's sand saucer. we made one each and then made one together and I really liked the ones I have made.

This is a photo of our sand saurser and we have made it with a few flowers from both of our bunches and we have used Abby's mirrors and I really liked effect it gave to it as well.
This is Abbyś selfie with the sand saucer. 

This is the first step we did while we were making our sand saucer 

 This is our end result.

I don't really like this photo but it was kind of funny so.. yeah I hope that you guys leave a comment down below, if you do could you please answer some of these questions. do you have a pet day at your school? do you have any animals?

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  1. Bonjour Maddison!
    Its Nikita from your class, I loved your creativity & what you've added to make this blog post, spectacular! I noticed you used glitter on 1 of your creations, other than that it looks eye catching, and I hope you win with your fabulous sculptures.

    Nikita -


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